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SJ drabble/wip

Title: -drabble/wip-
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Kyuhyun, Donghae, Zhou Mi, Henry/Ryeowook, Heechul, Kibum and mentions of other members
Rating: T
Warnings: Cursing, mild slash
Summary: AU fics - Zombieland, Pokemon and Glee 
A/N: they're kind of like things I've been wanting to read about for awhile now and I'm aware that they seem OOC in the third one. D: I wanted snark!Kyu but something went wrong and yeah.. I haven't really written anything in a long time so I'm sorry for any bad grammar, characterization and inconsistencies. On the side note, I kind of miss Kibum.. -w- Enjoy~ :D



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Girl, I can't get you out of my mind (or a.k.a. the Process of Brainstorming)

Title: Girl, I can't get you out of my mind (or a.k.a. the Process of Brainstorming)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): OC
Rating: K
Warnings: N/A
A/N: I wrote this for school. :D It's beta-ed by strawberryburst & Tiffy~ <3 Thanks guys for all your hard work and comments! I hope you enjoy this! XD I had lots of fun writing this one and it's kind of old in a way that it was written somewhere near the end of 2010. I'm also going to start placing all my other entries under cuts because I've been putting that off for so long now and it wouldn't kill me to at least fix this place up. Oh and if anyone can recommend to me a good layout comm, I need a new one. :<  I got the title (at least the first half) from one of songs of the new SJ-M album. This thing is labeled as 'for that thing in school' in my folder. lol


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Defense - Research

Second hand smoke is a mixture of the smoke emitted from the end of a burning cigarette, cigar or pipe and the smoke exhaled from the smoker’s lungs. It is also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), involuntary or passive smoke. According to several studies, second hand smoke is more dangerous than the actual smoke inhaled from the cigarette. Nonsmokers, who are exposed to this, have been found to have cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine found only in tobacco smoke, in their bloodstreams. Thus this puts them in greater health risks as compared to the smokers themselves because when a cigarette is smoked, about half of the smoke is inhaled or exhaled by the smoker and the other half floats around the air. So not only do the people around the smoker breathe in the smoke floating off from the smoldering butt of the tobacco into the air but they are also affected by the smoke exhaled by the smoker.

The smoke produced by the cigarette is a toxic cocktail that consists of poisons and carcinogens. There are over 4000 chemical compounds in the smoke; 200 of which are known to be poisonous and upwards 60 have been identified to be carcinogens. Carcinogens are cancer-causing substances.

Acticated Charcoal is also known to deodorize and basically purify air or water. The use of an activated carbon (or charcoal) filter for cigarettes may be able to lessen the negative effects of secondhand smoke, prevent the spread of its harmful gases and consequently reduce the risks of cancer, diseases, health problems generally related to secondhand smoking.

In this case, activated carbon will be used for gas purification. Activated carbon is best at trapping carbon-based impurities. Since cigarettes contain acetone, cyanide, formaldehyde, benzene, hydrogen cyanide, butane, methanol, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, chloroform, vinyl chloride as well as other chemicals,it is likely that activated charcoal could also filter out the toxic substances in cigarette smoke. Unfortunately, adsorption efficiency decreases over time and once all of the bonding sites or carbon surfaces are filled, the activated carbon will eventually need to be replaced or reactivated because the filter would stop working.

With the use of a filter that’s relies on active charcoal, a form of carbon that is adsorbent, the aim of this research is to lessen or eradicate the harmful substances in the tobacco smoke being released thus preventing more people, who are nonsmokers at that, from being placed in health risks such as lung cancer and heart attacks.

This research could help in the future by lessening the harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke from being released into the air where anyone can breathe it in. With this, less people will suffer from the effects of second hand smoking. In addition to the, nicotine stick through walls for a period of time. Therefore, through the utility of this filter, a better, safer and breathable environment would be created.
The simple separation of smokers and nonsmokers within the same air space may reduce, but does not eliminate, the exposure of nonsmokers to environmental tobacco smoke. Thus, it is important that even if authorities do all means to eliminate smokers, people must take the effort to reduce health risks and so smokers must learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

It is aimed to protect the health of those exposed to passive smoking namely relatives and friends of smokers. Addiction is not very easy to cure, and more often than not, it is inevitable for them to put their love ones at risk. Though, it is possible to cure addiction, some smoker opt not to be cured for personal reasons. At present there are no filters specifically targeting secondhand smoke so The researchers would then want to create a product using the revolutionary activated charcoal. Having been proven to be a highly effectual produce in eliminating bacteria or filtering compounds due to its porous nature, the researchers would then pave a way for a cleaner and less toxic emission.
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Of Fiats and Italians

Title: Of Fiats and Italians
Character(s) or Pairing(s): N. Italy, Germany, S. Italy, Prussia
Rating: T
Warnings: Cursing
Summary: Feliciano takes Ludwig around Italy. Written for Dafiya at hetaliasunshine 2010.

A/N: This is late. :/ Anyhow, enjoy guys~ XD By the way, there are probably some tweaks here and there since I obviously have never been to Europe before so I tried looking around through some travel guides, logs, and stuff. I hope it’s okay that I made the twins kind of part of the mafia. I figured they might be. :) I’m sorry if my Italian is a bit off. And lastly, Lovino and Feliciano are twins here but Lovino’s still older.

Thank you oh so very much to my wonderful beta, strawberryburst! Because without her, this fic would be shorter and not like this. She made it awesome! ;D Enjoy guys~ (>w<)



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Ten Reasons Why It Won't Work (Plus One Reason That It Will)

Title: Ten Reasons Why It Won't Work (Plus One Reason That It Will)
Author/Artist: syusuke_kun31
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Rating: T
Warnings: Cursing
Summary: In which Roy tries to convince himself that having a relationship with his first lieutenant is a mistake and a danger to his life, manhood and pretty much his everything else.

A/N: Haha. This is longer than the first one I wrote and I hope I did a better job. :) Anyhow, I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes (I reread this myself to try and fix the obvious ones but I'm not sure if I got everything..) and for any OOC tendencies. So to keep this short, thank you and I hope you guys enjoy this! :D Even if I say this, will guys do it? Comments/Reviews are appreciated! :)


Why It Won't Work:

1. The arguments.

He's willing to bet his beloved ignition gloves that in that relationship, he will lose every single tiny argument they might engage in because Riza is that good and she has that gun of hers that's always by her side to make sure he will see things her way.


"Yes, lieutenant?" Roy says, turning around to face his subordinate. He sees Hawkeye hold up a sheet of paper with the words 'Ducking Zit' written over General Hakuro's name on it and a proposition for a change of the army's standard uniform. Particularly the women's uniform. Roy turns livid and quickly freezes in his seat, looking very much like a cornered dog.

"I can explain-" starts Roy when a quick look from Riza stops him from continuing any further.

"Colonel, official military documents aren't scratch paper, am I correct?" says Riza placing the vandalized report on top of the sleek, shiny desk. “Well, that depends-“

"Then kindly re-write this again, sir."

"But-" Roy begins to protest only to be interrupted by an all too familiar click and the sight of gleaming, well polished gun pointed at his handsome face.

Then on the second thought, as he takes out a new piece of paper to write on, Roy takes back his bet and decides to gamble his paycheck for that month, which is a hefty sum, upon realizing that he might need his precious gloves instead.

2. The priorities of one's life. (In between you two is a sea of papers and bullets.)

Maybe it's just him but he's confident enough that practically everyone else has the same thoughts as him- Riza Hawkeye's priorities in life only includes her work and babysitting the many grown children known as 'Roy Mustang and his band of loyal puppies'.

"Colonel, May I ask what you are doing?" she asks in a flat tone.

“Huh?” Roy turns his head and looks at Riza, stopping in the middle of wiping the dusty window behind his desk. He steps down from the ledge and wipes his dirty hands onto his pants and grins. “You mean this? I was cleaning the window because it was so dusty and dirty and, and…”

“I can see that but what about that, sir?” says Riza pointing at something on top of Roy’s desk. Roy tries to avoid looking at the object(s) in question that Riza is pointing at. “Whatever do you mean lieutenant?”

“I mean your work, sir. Your paperwork to be precise.”

Roy flinches and turns his gaze at the offending pile of documents. “But-“

A bullet whizzes past by his ear and straight through the gleaming window behind him. In front of him, there’s a gun with smoke coming out of it. “Sir, your paperwork.”

Roy doesn’t take his eyes off her as he slowly sits on his chair and takes a pen and begins signing the reports. He can feel her gaze on him. This isn’t what he exactly has in mind when he wished that she had only eyes for him.

3. Jealousy is as common as air each day.

Roy contemplates that with a beautiful woman like Riza, regardless of how strong and scary she may seem to be, he'd have a hard time resisting the urge to snap-'n-char all those other idiots who'd want the blonde for themselves. The lieutenant of course, is a very attractive lady so it's only natural that she would have her share of stubborn ass suitors like every other beautiful woman out there.

It's just too much time, work and effort, he tells himself.

Roy turns around the corner just in time to see two of his subordinates along the hallways. He’s about to call after them when Havoc get ahead of him and calls out to Riza.

“Hey Hawkeye,”

“Yes, Havoc?”

“I was wondering if you could tell me which of these two is a better model? Y’see, I’m planning to get one of ‘em for my pop since his birthday is this weekend and I couldn’t decide…”

“Oh… I see. Well, I think that…”

This thought seems to vanish when he sees the way Havoc is talking to her casually and the urge to offer the second lieutenant to light up his cigarette for him and more crosses his mind.

4. Love is a spiteful emotion that tends to complicate things up.

When they go on an undercover mission together at a high profile party, they pretend to be a young, recently married couple who are deeply in love with each other.

As she laughs softly at an offhand comment made by the target, he imagines her laughing instead at a joke he makes. When one of the other guests ask them how they met, Riza tells them the cover story that they came up with earlier back in HQ with the rest of the team. Soon Roy himself begins to believe their little 'fairytale' and feels this tiny fluttering, bliss-like feeling in his chest where his heart is supposed to be. He scolds and reminds himself that this is all just a silly mission that will soon be over and that everything will be as it should be when they complete the assignment as he and his 'wife' slowly sway to the music in the middle of the dance floor nearby their target.

By the end of the night and the party, mission's over and a job well done for everybody. As Roy drives back to his apartment, he feels a hollow sort of feeling somewhere in the pit of his stomach and a lingering thought that wishes he could turn back time and do the entire mission again.

(His mind consoles himself with the small glimmer of hope that he could always suggest going undercover again on the next assignment if it ever required such methods once more.)

5. His and her differences.

They were as similar as night and day, water and fire, sun and moon, hot and co-

Edward throws an empty glass at his direction and yells at him to shut the hell up already with his fucking nonsense to which Havoc corrects the younger alchemist that Roy's analogies weren't 'fucking nonsense' but were actually love-induced ramblings.

The rest of his men laugh in various drunken manners.

Then to add fuel to the already growing flames of irritation and embarrassment, Maes chortles his usual happy advice to his best friend, 'Get married already!'

Soon enough, the fire brigade arrives on the scene and every single one of the pub's patrons are standing outside the building as they watch the establishment slowly burn to the ground. When an investigation team interrogates him, Roy claims that the incident wasn't his fault and that the fire was most likely caused by gas leak. Everyone knows it's a lie but none of them denies it.

It helps having a huge ass paycheck to bribe all those people and still have enough to get the pub's owner to shut up about the loss of his source of income.

6. The rules.

There's something called the fraternization law that eliminates any chance of romance between them at all.


Roy completely ignores the fact that nobody really follows said law. At least that's what it looks like whenever he sees how obvious Brosh is around Maria Ross.

(That being said, Roy also plans to take down the stupid rule once he became Fuhrer. The thought holds the second spot in his to do list when he took over the country.

Right after the uniform change, of course.)

7. Her guns.

But they protect you too, his mind points out. If they weren't busy aiming for his head, he rebuts.

8. Her dog.

No matter what happens, it's pretty obvious to Roy that he won't be number one in Riza's heart, he thinks as he watches Black Hayate trot (do dogs even trot?) over to his mistress for a pat on the head.

Roy frowns in jealousy as the expression on Riza's face softens when the dog gives her hand a quick lick. Lucky mutt. He then turns away and broods silently to himself.

Somehow. Roy wishes he was a dog. In a literal sense. But then, as soon as the thought enters his mind, he quickly shakes his head and slap himself.

What the hell?

Roy pales and decides to just forget about it. He makes a grab for his planner and tries to distract himself from such things but not before one last idea comes into his mind.

Wasn't he a dog of the military?

9. They grew up together.

"Actually, there's nothing wrong with that..." says Havoc looking like he was bored out of his mind. Roy smacks him behind his head. He glares at the blonde man who begins to rub the aching spot at the back of his head.

"You don't get it, do you?"

"No. Not really," Havoc says with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

"We practically grew up together! Dating her would be like, like dating my cousin!" exclaims Roy before taking a swig of his drink.

"A cousin, hmm?"


Havoc looks at the half-full glass of scotch in his hands thoughtfully before turning his attention to his friend.

"Well... You know, it's not like dating your cousin is wrong," begins Havoc sounding as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Roy is too shocked to say anything in return so Havoc takes this as a sign to continue.

"I mean, you can date your cousin but not your sister so... That solves your problem then!"

At this point, all Roy wants to do is drown his sorrows in alcohol and wonders why he even bothers to talking to the other man about things like these.

10. Military life is dangerous.

Nothing scares Roy more than his memories of the war in Ishbal. It teaches him just how fragile everyone, even walking weapons of mass destruction like him, really is. After that, he promises to no one in particular that he'd make sure to prevent anything like that massacre from happening again. Coincidentally the very next day after he makes that promise is the day he sets his eyes on becoming Fuhrer.


After Hughes' death, Roy wants nothing more than to kill the bastard who murdered his best friend. But then, when he sees Riza standing over her desk, fixing piles of papers, all he wants instead is to ask her to leave the army.

Roy doesn't know what he would do if she ever got killed.

So when he saw Envy, that asshole of a palm tree, strangling her, something inside him that snapped already snaps again. If he wasn't so occupied with causing the death of a homunculus, Roy would have fired Riza on the spot and hoped that she wouldn't shoot him for his stupidity.

After all, if he died, who was going to make sure she was okay?

(Then the loud voices of Havoc and the rest of his men standing outside in the hallway pulls Roy out from his memories, somehow managing to remind him that he wasn't the only who cared about his trigger-happy subordinate. He twitches in annoyance and begins coming up with something hard for them to do.)

Why It Will Work:

It's already been decided by God and the Universe. (Even they themselves have already come to the same decision but they just don't know it yet.)

He knows, she knows, God knows, the whole universe knows and practically every person who sees them can tell that they are meant for each other.

Hell, Edward says as he helps Alphonse stand up, that's why that messed up old codger of a doctor-scientist-madman whatever used Riza as a bargaining chip for Roy to commit human alchemy. Everyone else agrees and hopes that they should just get together already for God's sake, if not theirs.

So when Roy regains his sight back and fixes all the loose odds and ends, he works up the courage to confess his feelings for her one fateful day in the middle of a very crowded cafeteria. He walks up to Riza's table and clears his throat as loudly as he could. Riza looks up from her meal and gives Roy a curious look.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asks, putting down her fork, giving him her full attention now.

"Lieute- wait! Hawk- uhh.. I meant, Riza! Riza, that's right! Eh-hehe..."

By the time he gets her first name right, his mind is beginning to regret his decision as his face slowly turns bright red. "Sir, are you alright?" asks Riza, hers brows furrowing together. Not that they haven't noticed already but entire room is silent now, watching the two.

"W-well.. Where to begin.. Hmm.." Roy begins as he starts to fiddle with the hem of his jacket nervously. "I- I'd just l-like you to kn-know that.. That.."

At this point, a loud sigh is heard from somewhere in the room then followed by the sound of a head hitting the metal table resounds throughout the cafeteria. Roy resists the urge to just walk away from all this but a tiny voice at the back of his mind whispers that if he runs away now, he will probably never be able to work up the courage to tell Riza that he loves her ever again.

"You see-"

"Dammit! Get on with it already, you bastard!"

"Shut up, shrimp!"


"Sorry, Mr. Mustang!" apologizes Alphonse as he covers his brother's mouth with one hand all the whilst holding the older blonde with another. Roy nods in understanding and feels the tension slip away a little. He takes a deep breath before looking straight into Riza's eyes as he takes her hands into his. Riza looks mildly surprised but hides it and waits for Roy to continue.

"Riza... I-I loveyou!"

Roy closes his eyes and stops breathing until he hears Riza speak up. "Excuse me?" says Riza blinking. Roy opens his eyes and stares at the woman in front of him. "Could you please repeat your statement... sir?" Riza requests as her cheeks turn a bit red. Roy wonders if he could deny what he just said and brush it all of but then he sees the look in Riza's eyes, telling him that maybe... Maybe he wasn't the only who felt this way. Maybe it was both of them, Roy hopes praying to a god or whatever heavenly being was present to listen to his pleas.

Making sure he wasn't going to stutter or fumble through his words anymore, Roy squeezes Riza's hands in his for a little confidence booster and then...

"Riza Hawkeye, I love you."

This time it comes out loud and clear. The words echoing through the room and everyone still and silent, waiting for Riza's reaction.

Moments pass by when the sound of a chair clattering onto the ground breaks the silence and the sight of the blonde haired woman wrapping her arm around the flame alchemist sends everyone into a state of cheers and laughter.

"I love you too.." Riza whispers into Roy's ear as she hugs him tighter. Roy is stunned for a moment and then he breaks out into a huge smile and wraps his arms around her too. He pulls back for a second and gazes at Riza's face before closing the space between them, kissing her in front of the entire Amestrian army.

(The crowd erupts into a round of applause, some wolf-whistling.)

Needless to say, it works.


Later that afternoon, Havoc goes home with his pockets filled with wads and wads of cash. He's never felt so rich in his entire life before. As Havoc counts the amount of money he's made from an 'investment' in predicting the outcome of Roy and Riza's relationship, he realizes that, apart from them, they weren't the only ones who've hit the jackpot; in a sense.

He promises to himself that the day after tomorrow, he will remember to thank two of his lovely colleagues who made it all possible for him to have enough cash to buy a new apartment by treating them to a five-star full course meal.

That is, of course, assuming Havoc still has enough left after he goes out on a date with Armstrong's sister tomorrow night. The older one, not the younger one.

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Five Most Memorable Dates

Title: Five Most Memorable Dates
Author/Artist: syusuke_kun31
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Rating: T
Warnings: unBETA-ed (I'm really sorry >_< )
Summary: Roy recalls five dates that left the most impression on him.
A/N: A/N: I didn't make it for Royai day. Even the one that was for US timezone. Gah. Umm.. I hope you guys enjoy this and I'm so sorry to all those people who've been reading my APH fics since I haven't updated them in like a really long time. Stuff happened. Like really bad stuff. D: I got sent to the hospital last year when I got sick to check if I had A(H1N1) actually. OTL I'll try to update them but I dunno.. I still love the fandom but I can't really seem to get it on, you know? Setting that aside, I really hope you guys enjoy this piece and I apologize for any OOC-ness, grammar problems and weird thingies. I wanted to sound 'suave' but I guess failed? Shucks. This is getting long so I'll cut this short. Thanks and enjoy!

Reviews & comments are really wonderful! Concrit would be awesome too!


Roy recalls his first date clearly, he claims. Havoc scoffs at him as he lights up a cigarette before offering his commanding officer a stick that the man promptly refuses with a look of disapproval. The blonde-haired man merely ignores Roy and lets out a puff of smoke.

The girl's name slips away from his mind constantly but he's pretty sure that her name sounds a lot like 'Amber' or at least something similar to it. He hopes he's right because she had the brightest eyes he's ever seen. They remind him of the warm fireplace at home.

Their date, Roy remembers, included a movie and dinner in a local diner. He was still a teenager that time and funds were limited, he reasons out to Havoc who just nods along to whatever he's saying.


It was right before he became the student of Riza's father.

Actually, there was nothing extraordinary or remarkably special about that date. It was normal and like every other date he had gone on. The only thing he remembers is that, that was the very first time he had ever been slapped by anyone in the face.


Roy wasn't exactly sure as to what he did wrong but getting slapped hard across his cheek was something he didn't really want a second taste of. After that, he made sure to think before acting. Just in case.

(This may or may not have anything to do with Roy fearing his first lieutenant's gun whenever she pointed it at his direction. It was common sense that a bullet would hurt far more than any slap no matter how much strength was applied.)


The third one is a tea party with a younger Riza Hawkeye.

Roy claims that he was forced to play along under the threat of the small girl that she was going to tell her father that his student refused to entertain his beloved daughter. He can remember the overly sweetened drink and the numerous stuffed toys that he sat beside with as Riza served them all tea.

What Roy doesn't know is that Riza still remembers all of this as well and that it never fails to bring a small smile to her face whenever she recalls the memory.


If anyone found out that he dated a guy once, Roy was pretty sure that no amount of threats, burnt bodies or whatever the hell excuse he manages to come up with will ever save what little pride or dignity he might have left.

In his defense, he didn't know it was a guy. The man looked like a beautiful woman and sounded like one too. Thankfully it ended right before anything happened.

After this, Roy always makes sure that before he dates a girl, he's sure that she is a girl.


The most memorable one of them all is the one right after they had won against the homunculi, prevented the loss of lives, kicked Central's ass and overall, saving the country.

It was start of a beautiful relationship that had everybody crying out, 'Finally!’


It's short, right? I'm working on another one right now and if anyone would like to beta please just pm me! By the way, thank you to Cafe Au Liet for giving me her commens on this and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be very into FMA again right now. Read her fics! They're awesome~ Also, I'm looking for a beta who can help me with an FMA!SJ au. If interested, kindly check my post here. Thanks~ <3
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[Lyrics] Super Junior M - U

Disclaimer: Not owned by me nor did I make these. Just gonna use this for school.
SIwon knows how I feel :/


meng zhong de tian shi lai jiang lin

er wo yi jing que ding yao de ren jiu shi ni

Han Geng:

qing rang wo lai wei ni duan ding

shou hu ni de qi shi ta xian zai zai zhe li


wo wu fa xiang shen pang ni bu zai

yao zen me ren nai yi ge ren de wu nai


Oh 我的愛
Oh wo de ai

fang chu qu zen me shou hui lai


Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl


你屬於我 最美的夢
ni shu yu wo zui mei de meng


No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Zhou Mi:

wo yao wo men shou jin jin xiang wo


ni fa shang can yu de xiang qi

bai xi de bei jing rang wo chen zui bu yu


di chen dai ci xing de hua yu

chan rao zai er bian liu lian be ceng xiao qu


ba jie zhi cang zai mei gui li

neng be neng qing ni he wo yi qi zou na wei lai


Oh 我的愛
Oh wo de ai

fang chu qu zen me shou hui lai


Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl


瘋狂不已 不能失去你
feng kuang bu yi bu neng shi qu ni


No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Zhou Mi:

wo zhi yao wo men xin jin jin xiang yi


Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Han Geng:

不要留我 孤單在這裡
bu yao liu wo gu dan zai zhe li


No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl


你只屬於我 讓我屬於你
ni zhi shu yu wo rang wo shu yu ni

Zhou Mi (rap):

mei you shen me neng gou gai bian wo ai ni de zi you

我只想握你的手 和你分享所有美夢
wo zhi xiang wo ni de shou he ni fen xiang suo you mei meng

想要陪伴著你 在你孤單時候
xiang yao pei ban zhe ni zia ni gu dan shi hou

擦掉你的眼淚 付出我的溫柔
cha diao ni de yan lei fu chu wo de wen rou

Donghae (rap):

bu guan you shen me wo ye bu gan jue ji mo

mei you ni deng yu yong yuan pian li le zhong xin

讓我這樣捧著你 在你手中
rang wo zhe yang peng zhe ni zai ni shou zhong

讓我望著你 看著你 愛著你 的笑容
rang wo wang zhe ni kan zhe ni ai zhe ni de xiao rong


我會讓你 只要我 只為我哭
wo hui rang ni zhi yao wo zhi wei wo ku


Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl


瘋狂不已 不能失去你
feng kuang bu yi bu neng shi qu ni


No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl


wo zhi yao wo men xin jin jin xiang yi


Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
Cuz I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl

Han Geng:

不要留我 孤單在這裡
bu yao liu wo gu dan zai zhe li


No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl
No I can’t stop thinking ’bout you girl


你只屬於我 讓我屬於你
ni zhi shu yu wo rang wo shu yu ni



Cuz I can’t stop
Cuz I can’t stop


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Endless Fairytales of Letting Go and Fall Backs

Title: Endless Fairytales of Letting Go and Fall Backs
Author/Artist: syusuke_kun31
Character(s) or Pairing(s): One-sided Siwon/Hangeng, Hangeng/Kyuhyun, Yesung/Siwon
Rating: K
Warnings: Kinda angsty, slash
Summary: "True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you.”

A/N: This is for shihan_ai as her belated birthday gift and for Eloise because I promised her something for her constant page topping :) Thanks to haruharu3dsb for helping me out again with BETA, Tiffy! QAQ I need your grammar prowess!! Thanks to Liet as well because she's the one who first read it, I'm so sorry that this turned into slash. D: I'll write a het fic! One day! XD And it will be Draco/Hermione Because they're so much love and I think that no one in f(x) or SNSD can really fit with Yesung much ._. ENJOY~

"True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you.”

When you were younger, your mother would tell you stories about beautiful princesses, brave warriors, knights in shining armors, evil magicians, mythical beings and so much more. You recall most of them, if not all, ended with the knight and the princess living happily together. Whenever you read the words, “And they all lived happily ever after, the end.’ you couldn’t help but imagine your own happy ending. At least a modern one, you know, to fit the times at least.

You soon grow up but still, you continue to read stories of adventure and true love but you don’t really tell anyone. It’s just not something you can say out loud. After all, who reads fairytales when you’re already seventeen and student body president and football captain on top of that. It just doesn’t quite fit the image. Neither are you a child nor a lovesick girl. So it just stays a secret between you and your books.

So during one break when you happen to be reading in one of the school’s less known garden under a tree, he happens to chance upon you reading the Beauty and the Beast. You’re shocked and at a complete loss of words and hand gestures which is pretty rare. You try to hide the book behind your back but he’s too fast for you and manages to grab it and begins flipping through its glossy pages. He stops at the end and looks up from the book and to look at you. You start to feel somewhat self conscious.

You’re about to ask him to return your book and if possibly, to just kill you and throw your body down a ditch somewhere where no one can ever find it. Or maybe you could just kill him instead. After all, you still have your dreams and goals and there’s no way you can let poor vice president handle student body matters alone. The poor boy might just die of heart attack and his Canadian boyfriend might just curse you to hell and all with his Taiwanese-Canadian magic for letting Ryeowook die.

While your thoughts are swirling inside your head, the boy breaks the train of thoughts in your head with his soft voice and speaks in heavily accented Korean if he could borrow the book. Your brain dies when it takes in what the boy just said but not before leaving you its last words that the boy is the exchange student from China. You don’t really know if you should be happy that he’s asking you if he can borrow the book or he’s not laughing his ass off that you’re reading fairytales, damn it.

Before you know it, you let him borrow the book and promise to lend him more on the condition he doesn’t tell anyone. He gives you a confused look before smiling and thanking and promising you in that soft accented voice of his that he won’t tell anyone, ever. Then he leaves and you’re just there, standing, looking as if you just saw something clearly unbelievable. Which is not really that far off…


Soon enough, you learn his name’s Hangeng but you don’t really get the hang of it so you end up calling him ‘Hankyung’ instead. You also learn that he’s actually cousins with Henry and that his mother owns a dumpling shop back in China and that he’s part of the dance troupe and he sings. Well, he doesn’t really tell you about the singing part. It just so happens that you chance upon him singing by himself in the dance hall while you were running late for a meeting that you hear him.

You’re not particularly sure what had happened that day but you do remember a lot Chinese words being thrown around and it was all a big blur but quite you’re sure that there were a couple of martial arts mixed in there. When you woke up, Hankyung was there right beside your bed in the clinic, reading the book you lent him the other day. You also recall that the boy wouldn’t stop apologizing once he saw that you had woken up. He also brought you a Chinese fairytale book translated to Korean as an apology as well. After that you wouldn’t stop smiling and reading the book over and over again.

In the end, he just gave it to you.

Your smile even grew bigger after that.


The book is always on your bedside table. (And inside your bag, taking it with you everywhere you go.)


You realize you’re falling (or already) in love with him.

You realize this during prom when he pulls you to the dance floor and the two of you are twirling around and dancing and it felt like something that came out of a storybook except you imagined that you were the prince and not the princess.

In the end, you were sorry the night ended and prayed to God that if he could possibly grant you the chance to repeat the night over and over again for at least a million times just to see if that would be enough to keep you from making a fool of yourself the next time when you see Hankyung. (But it doesn’t because the next time you see him, you end up tripping over Ryeowook’s leg and spilling the tea he gave you all over Henry.)


On your graduation day, as president, you give a speech about your years in high school. As you talk, you can hear Ryeowook sobbing quietly behind you and you see Hankyung giving you a thumbs up and a smile among the audience. When your speech ends, everyone is cheering and throwing their hats in the air.

As you get off the stage, people are congratulating you and praising you and thanking you for all your hard work until someone pulls you to the side and gives a big hug. It’s Hankyung. You give him one as well and both of you are laughing and crying and you wish that you could just stay like this forever, hugging and laughing and maybe not the crying part.


You both end up in the same university but with different majors. You don’t get to see each other as much as before because of your classes but you don’t really mind. You still hang out a lot and nothing’s changed except maybe you two have gotten closer. You still love him and wondering when would be the right time to tell him how you felt. The opportunity comes along in the form of your perfect exam scores.

You call him that afternoon to invite him to go out and celebrate with you and a few friends, some old, some new. He agrees and asks if he could bring some people from his class as well. Since you’re such in a good mood, you say yes and then proceed to go back to your dorms and get ready for that night.


Everyone else except him is already there so your friends can’t really blame you for being so distracted that you don’t really pay much attention to the conversation going on. Soon though, just right after you order another glass of beer (it isn’t really all that strong, you insist when Leeteuk was about to stop you since it’s still too early to be drinking) Hankyung arrives. Along with three other people you don’t know.

He greets you and gives you a one arm hug then congratulates you for passing.

He then introduces you to his friends.

The tall one with a big nose and a smile so bright like the sun is Zhou Mi, the surlier-looking one with well-toned arms to rival yours who immediately hits off with Donghae is called Kibum and the last one, a boy with the darkest hair and eyes you’ve ever seen and a PSP in hand is named Kyuhyun.

You shake each one of their hands and introduce yourself with a polite smile. “Hi! I’m Siwon. It’s a pleasure to meet you!” you say.

As the mini-celebration goes on, everyone seems to be getting more and more comfortable with everyone else. When you look around, you can see Henry passed out on Ryeowook’s lap, Heechul chatting loudly Kangin and Leeteuk, Sungmin dancing with Eunhyuk and Shindong, Donghae, Kibum and Zhou Mi playing cards. Then someone nudges you in the side and you turn and see Hankyung grinning at you before whispering in to your ear. “Let’s go dance too?” he asks not really bothering to wait for your reply when he pulls you up from your seat and drags you, once again, onto the dance floor. This time, it’s not like the first time you both danced together. It’s more of moving along to the beat of the music and there’s limited amount of space to move in with all the other people dancing around.

As you both move around, you can feel someone watching you. You turn your head and quickly spot the culprit. It’s Hankyung’s friend, Kyuhyun. He’s watching the two of you. You’re a bit bothered by it but you don’t give it much attention when Hankyung leans against you laughing. So you don’t notice when Kyuhyun’s eyes darken.

You just missed your opportunity to tell Hankyung how you felt.

Not that you’d know it since you passed out from drinking too much. Pity, your mind tells you before the blackness clouds over you.


After that you don’t get the chance to tell him.

Your schedules are always clashing and with the unbelievable amount of work they give you, you don’t have much free time anymore.

If there’s only one good thing that came out of this is that you meet a guy with really tiny hands but a big voice called Yesung. Who owns a turtle named Ddangkoma. He’s your new neighbor when Jaejoong moves out to room with his friend, Yunho was it?


“Excuse me but you-“


“Hey! I’m talking to you!”

“Oh God… I’m sorry, Ddangkoma!! I promise I’ll treat you better!”

After much confusion and looking around, Siwon and Yesung find the small turtle swimming in the toilet bowl. Yesung proceeds to pick the creature out of the bowl then kisses it.

Siwon is torn apart from gagging and being happy for his neighbor. He settles instead on raising his thick eyebrows.)


The two of you become pretty good friends. You tend to hang out a lot together. Turns out he knows Ryeowook.

(“We’re classmates in Music.” He says as he takes a bite out of his food.)


You still see Hankyung and go out together whenever you get the chance. Usually, it’s just you and him. Occasionally, Kyuhyun’s there. And when is he, you can’t help but feel threatened whenever he looks at you with those dark eyes of hers that somehow brightens up when Hankyung turns for a moment to ask him if he’s fine.

You’re not aware that you’re already glaring at the younger boy when he whispers something into the Chinese man’s ear that causes said person to laugh.

So you tell Yesung about this one time during dinner at your place. He looks thoughtful before telling you that you might be jealous of Kyuhyun. You don’t know what to say so you shrug and continue eating your food.

As you pick at your food, you don’t notice the strange look that Yesung is giving you and the way his eyes seem to look somewhat sad.


On your graduation day, you had everything planned out. As soon as the ceremony ends, you run off to look for Hankyung. While you run around the campus, your heart is beating with excitement and nervousness. You call out for him as you run which soon turns into a brisk walk instead.

When you see a figure in the science gardens, you immediately recognize it’s Hankyung. You’re about to call out his name when you notice another figure appear. You recognize the figure too. It’s Kyuhyun.

You can’t really make out what they’re saying so you go closer and hide behind a wall and listen.

“Hyung, I…”

“Ah Kyuhyun, why’d you call me here? The graduation party’s about to start soon and I think Siwon might be looking for me already since I promised him that we’d go together and-“

Hankyung doesn’t really get to finish his sentence when Kyuhyun pushes him against a tree and kisses him.

You’re hoping that he’d push him away but instead he just wraps an arm around his waist and it’s too much for you so you run away wordlessly back to your room and just sit in front of the window with the book he gave you years ago in your lap. You don’t even notice the tears falling or when the door opens slowly or when Yesung tries to snap you out of your daze. In the end he gives up and just decides to sit beside, taking your hand into his.

Both of you stay like that until you fall asleep.


Years pass by and you’re alright now. Mostly it’s thanks to Yesung and his turtle.

You still keep in touch with Hankyung. Sometimes when you see him, it still hurts because you still love him but Yesung’s always there to cheer you up with his fail and amazing voice. The book he gave you is still with you but it’s there in the book shelf mixed with all your other books and the ones that Yesung gave you over the years.

So one day when you read the book Hankyung first gave you, you realize something. Something that you can’t really put your finger on but it goes something along that fairytales are just fairytales. In the end, they were just fantasies because true love doesn’t really end. And one way of saying that you loved the Chinese man was by letting him go and be happy with someone else.

You had someone with you anyways.